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EROTIC HERITAGE MUSEUM ****** http://www.eroticheritagemuseumlasvegas.com/ As soon as you enter the premises of this Las Vegas based establishment you get a tingling feeling of adventure and excitement. The lobby looks extremely inviting, with a very erotic vibe, all kinds of cool, comfortable couches everywhere and a little souvenir store. Jerry, who we later learned is the manager, welcomed us very cordially and sent us on our quest of exploration equipped with a few good tips and wishes of great enjoyment. As you begin your tour you will first walk through an area made to resemble a red light district, with an out-door café ambience. From there you access the main exhibit on the first floor. It’s divided into different zones and features numerous, thematically organized sections. Here you will be able to view such items as: - Deflowering instruments from all over the world. Certainly intriguing, but if anybody ever came at me with one of those he would definitely be energetically deflowered in a place where the sun doesn’t quite reach. Unbelievable what abuse the unfortunate maidens had to withstand in the olden days. Imagine not even being a mistress of your very own vagina! - Sculptures of sexual organs: different shapes and sizes. - Cardboard life-size cutouts of famous porn stars. Well, let me put it this way: if those lovely ladies ever found themselves stranded in the middle of the ocean, most of them would stay afloat, courtesy of their implants, for days on end. No shark would touch them for fear of silicone-induced spontaneous combustion. And no vessel would leave them unclaimed on account of them being hot. So all in all good thing to be an adult film actress if your boat sinks… - Photographs, sketches, paintings. - Wall of Shame: infamous political, religious or celebrity personalities connected to sexual scandals. -   The Larry Flynt Corner. - The Chicken Ranch Corner. - The Auto-Erotic Chair: a peculiar-looking contraption strongly evoking a sinister medieval instrument of torture rather than anything even remotely connected to sexual pleasure. But to each their own, right? Apparently even a sheep can look desirable to those utterly deprived and twisted. Hey, I’ve been searching for a worthy cause for ages now, so how about I start a campaign against molestation of sheep? Brilliant, as usual I have outdone myself. Liberate the sheep! - Star Wars XXX. - The Bettie Page Corner. - Old erotic post-cards. - Transgender materials. - Historic artifacts. - Sex toys. - Porcelain figurines. - Plaster replicas of famous porn stars’ genitalia: to this I will only say that some of the exhibits are definitely not for the faint of heart. I know if I ever found myself in the company of a gentleman seeking my attentions equipped with a manhood of the size comparable to a few of the ones featured, I would be excusing myself politely and swiftly running for the hills! - Celebrity Sex Scandals: footage of some of the most renowned sex tapes made by celebrities, playing on a loop. Here you can admire the likes of Pam Anderson or Kim Kardashian in a rather intimate setting and be a witness to them, ehem, enjoying themselves very much indeed! Generally there are little erotic clips showing on screens located all throughout the museum. And if you need to use the restroom, don’t miss out on the chance to leave your artistic contribution on the facilities’ wall: the management actually encourages you to do so and thus they are covered (walls, not management) with all kinds of creative gibberish. The second floor (unfortunately photography not allowed in this area) is mainly devoted to erotic art, some of it even for sale. Here you can feast your eyes upon all kinds of different genres and techniques. The displayed exhibits include paintings, sketches, water colors, porcelain figurines, sculptures, carved wood and ranges from classic to abstract. Even erotic depiction of art in the Communist parts of the globe finds its place here; most notably the museum owns an extensive collection of works by Hungarian artist Alexander Szekely. And thus you find out that the people behind the Iron Curtain might have been surviving on a diet of potatoes and cabbage, but that did nothing to influence their natural sense of kinkiness. On the more commercial side there’s also a “wall of fame” showcasing popular celebrity Playboy covers and well-known porn-stars.  For the nostalgic touch, how about the history of peep-shows? I personally absolutely loved the little movie theater presenting a look back at the changing attitude towards our sexuality and a centrally located alcove of sorts, playing fragments of all the most notorious porn-movies from the past. It’s really difficult to see those anywhere else unless you actually buy the DVD, so I found them quite fascinating, especially Deep Throat with Linda Lovelace and Behind the Green Door with Marilyn Chambers. I would like to also add that the exhibition is designed incredibly well, gives you a feeling of spaciousness, airiness and ease.  The lights are strategically placed to enhance the various elements of the collection and help achieve an overall flattering effect. Little niches and hidden corners also create an illusion of privacy, you can retreat to one of those to share a few moments of undisturbed viewing pleasure with your Darling, as well as exchange some meaningful comments and ideas. In my opinion the Museum seems sadly underrated and does not receive quite the attention that it should compared to some of the other Vegas attractions. Personally I found it fascinating and consider it a great treat for any curious and open-minded person. So bring your partner along, make an evening out of it and who knows: you might end up finding some profound inspiration to spice up your sensual side. A highly recommended, delightfully educational experience, but in a naughty and fun way! PLEASE CLICK ON IMAGE BELOW TO ENLARGE

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